• Stephen Thompson

We Need Hollywood’s Help on Reducing War

My world is a cocoon—a bubble. Before there was ”a fictional document”—it’s hard to get over my Madison Avenue genius as I grease everything like my grandfather before me so that somehow good can roll on—there was a screenplay that I wrote for a contest. I know that I wrote one because the specs were so very rigid. Anyway, the underground spin on my film (that I would only believe because the spin is so very right about what the film would be) is that it is super duper tight. But buyer beware I don’t know if the film was shot.

The whole point of this note is that if someone wants to make a film about the Trump Administration going to war against Syria, they can. Let me take this platform to continue to push for the requirement of a declaration of war by the States if more than one plane will be used or more than 9 people are to be used.

And I am sick and tired of the diminishment of import in the eyes of the media of any military strike. Everything is too casual.

On the film, the truth of a war can never be conveyed. An individual‘s plight in a war is an outlying tearing of anything decent—it’s where rightful rage goes to twist with fits. The only positive about this situation is that the historians that we read—if reliable, if reliable—can have a chance to nutshell the war which is sadly as good as we can do. But we know it’s as good as we can do. So those men are giants charged with processing all of this information and making a call.

But let no one make a fool of you. Having watched a film on the U.S. against Syria, I know as a rational person that it has no defining or important comment on so very many individuals in the war. While a central narrative of the war burns like terror until the peace table ends it, massive weeds spread that leave us with a total narrative of scorched humanity—of decency crippled and defeated.

What Hollywood would find is if they tell a good story about a war rather than an over-reach, someone will be tempted to tell a story that focuses on something else in the same war.

Elton sang famously that “I was born to wave the flag.” in “Philadelphia Freedom.” Yes. Antietam. Yes. I was also born not to be a historian. And the Producer of a film is well served not being a historian. Nothing untoward about using a historian.

Let us a seek truth and light in a worldwide dialogue. If I tell the truth in any way I want to tell it because I am Studio 54 in my bones, the truth will still come out.

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