• Stephen Thompson

Trying to Give People Texture

I feel like I’ve asserted a zillion times that I don’t know what communications have been. Unfortunately, I think I know the perfect choice to once and for all give people a feel for the war that has been prosecuted against the United States and the United Kingdom (a fascinating read is to take a glance at the U.K. during the American Civil War—I believe the Confederacy wanted Great Britain on board whole hog) by the Ku Klux Klan of Georgia based in an Alabama that was once thought to be “well, that’s Georgia.” (In what feels like a sick ode to history for me at this point, I think that was here in Shelby County, Alabama, at one point.) Titanic.

So many of us know that there were a great many Americans aboard Titanic. Chances are the captain was paid for his services. I can tell you one thing—I’m a guy who isn’t playing cute with anyone. Someone ask Aaron Rodgers if he’s thinking about going home to compete like a mad man. Jason Kidd charged a coach who was on the floor and ran into him to garner a technical foul. I’m asking you right now what you’re willing to permit happen in this country.

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