• Stephen Thompson

Translating the College Basketball Idea to College Baseball

So many people, especially in the American South, have done special work over the years truthfully targeting societal improvements. I suppose what I'd like to do is make certain cultural activities permanent. And I think I have a way as a greasy fry cook--Spongebob Squarepants maybe.

I think college baseball desperately needs a conference challenges model, and it's so easy with baseball. Every conference can easily square off with the number college baseball has now (around 30.) Any contest inside any conference challenge can be a game for point or best 2 out of 3 games for point which provides tremendous flexibility.

What I decided for the post-season was that the entire structure is fine at 64 schools playing for the national championship. Monetarily, this is certainly a part of my plan which includes overhauling the NCAA.

For some reason I believe that if my private sector interests start something literally called the Baseball NIT that the national tournament would be well received. College Baseball must join the office brackets culture like other sports. Switching to a 64-team bracket should be easy enough. 2 out of 3 games in every round. I think the terminal location for the event in Omaha should expand to 16 schools. Omaha is such a precious experience; I think inclusion is the better path.

Regarding selection, I think the radically better data means a publicly released top 64 taken from ELO Chess is the answer. I'm fine with making a choice for conference representation. But I think if you believe in that, let's take the top 56 and the next 8 in that ELO Chess order based on who has won a conference championship. Let's assert what we're doing. Transparency.

I'm a huge believer in the conference season being similar to basketball. Online studying at the same location for around 30 days. About one game a day in the double-elimination conference tournament championship while everyone else is at a soda social, concert, cinema, bowling, etc. The conference portion of the season is a celebration of the conference. Collegiality. With college baseball, Jim Calhoun can come be interviewed for the UConn conference tournament. I believe this is a system built to last.

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