• Stephen Thompson

The Thompson Plan For Sports Gambling

If you are sick, you may lose your soul today. So it's an emergency. You should use credit card borrowed money if you have good credit and you're sick to do the $550 in set-aside money. And then hopefully you can destroy that particular credit card. The $550 in set-aside money is much bigger than just money to gamble everyday on sports with.

If you're on The Plan, you gamble on sports everyday. Every day. The maximum on the basic plan now for one wager is ten dollars. If you "have money," I think we know enough now to understand that you need to be on a proportional plan. You need to do the math. If you wager $100 on a game every single day and twice-a-day on 50 other days of the calendar, then you need to divide $550 by $10. So your set-aside money for sports gambling is 55 times $100 which is $5,500. I think an extremely flexible savings account is best for the set-aside money--but under your pillow works. Anyway, if you're on The Plan, and you started today your set-aside money will at least dip to $540 for a period of time today.

Every wager you make is either on a home angle or an overwhelming favorite. An overwhelming favorite in American football is favored by three scores or more (17 points) by my definition. The Plan does sanction a combat sport competitor fighting in his home community versus someone from somewhere else. A neutral designation means that the official choice is not a home affair so that does not fit as a home choice on The Plan. Alabama Football did not have the longest home winning streak in the history of college football because of games played in "The Football Capitol of the South."

Every wager you make is on a favorite. Not EVEN when you got it. Every wager you make is on a favorite.

Every wager you make is on the money line. If you're ever not on the money line, you're not on The Plan.

The Plan strongly discourages a "Play to Lose" mentality that has people focusing on getting down on a favorite that she thinks will go off as a dog. That is not Plan.

On your 50 days of two bets mandatory in a day, the Plan favors a calendar-made choice well in advance at least in terms of just a given day that will be two bets.

The Plan works. The Plan saves souls. If for some reason we ever lost you. If you lost your $550, I'm begging you to give The Plan a second chance. It should not have happened. And something bad came your way over the years. But please try The Plan again. I need you on this Plan.

On the Plan, you must make an effort to watch a substantial portion of your choice every day. That means you might have to use the internet. Because I have been a sports fan, the Plan does allow an extreme sort of situation where you monitor a GameCast or something else that keeps you consistently posted on what's going on in the contest.

On the Thompson Plan, open your time app on your phone every single day. Go to the stop watch. You consider your choice for a minimum of 15 minutes. The Plan does allow you to shave 7 minutes in exchange for a 25 cents handicapped choice. Look for someone who offers Plan choices.

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