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The Spectacular Must Continue to Yield Fruit

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The Academy Awards are almost upon us, and as much as the film “Entourage” and Mike Tyson have the Golden Globes so deep in my bones The Academy Awards are a message from on high.

However, we are missing so many people and performances. We have a lifetime of work to make up for rude exclusions from the past. Yet bird by bird. . .

We need an award every year for work that is still spectacular after a certain length of time. One possibility would be to do several awards based on different time lapses.

Take a film like ”Hoosiers.” The plain truth is that the small screen often dictates a film that stands the test of time in the culture of this nation. By the way, I am explicitly opening the door for the concept of an actor being re-honored for a role—but only when we feel that time has revealed a great many things to us about the role. Changes over time is really the emphasis of the award. I am putting the work of Dennis Hopper in the spotlight.

However, affirmation by the small screen cannot be the only avenue. There are films which the critics initially loved that continue over time to move people. And admittedly that’s something we often see evidence of on the small screen—but it’s different from the timeless brilliance of Patrick Swayze whose major motion pictures on the small screen have changed the way people fundamentally view films and critics via be shown in their entirety. “Titanic” is that film, and thinking of Bill Zane reminds me that we need a career award in this area because I’m now thinking of Billy as sort of the ultimate actor in the Old West of America where he gazes upon Wyatt Earp.

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