• Stephen Thompson

The 64-Team Boxing Team Playoff in Canastota Followed by the Individual Tournaments

Assuming our having overhauled the NCAA, I have to admit that my private sector interests will be supporting a great many people in collegiate boxing. What we need to be done with only a 2-game regular season is the selection committee will have to take a very hard look at really every fight that we have in the regular season. At Alabama, our plan is to have one game on campus only. One thing we must have (and I am pushing this hard on collegiate wrestling) is every game must be just the winner of the majority of the matches. 10-point must system will be collegiate boxing. 3 rounds to give us continuity with what used to be amateur boxing. Overtime is one scored round between two individuals chosen in advance for overtime. It's men's and women's boxing. Trust me when I tell you that having "dead" matches is much better than scoring with some sort of usage of points. Collegiate boxing will have draws.

I'm jumping on my soap box which I seem to live on. Again, when I turn on collegiate wrestling, I need to see the score--and it needs to be easy. If I'm an Iowa Hawkeye, and I'm with the kids up in the hospital, I know the deal. I'm not an Iowa Hawkeye--thank goodness for Iowa.

Canastota can tell us a great deal about what they want done with the individual tournaments. We'll need to work with everyone on that obviously. I'll try to support as many schools as we can with pep bands, mascots, cheerleaders, the whole nine yards. I'll try to get a real elephant to Canastota; I've always thought about that concept.

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