• Stephen Thompson

So Much Deceit; So Much Tragedy

There are rumors that President Grant’s objective was that the document would be strong enough, distributed well enough, and thus accepted well enough to end the notion of Lee as a traitor relative to their beloved United States before the passage of 500 years after the end of The War.

President Grant certainly never wanted something like the tearing down of Lee’s statue in Virginia that we witnessed. But President Grant certainly feared that sort of incident and so much more. And then there was the fear of the ultimate punishment which would be the day when history really settled on the matter.

However, I have come to believe there was more in the issue. There were situations that were not so straightforward—moments when terror was invited by people who did not seen themselves.

In the document, I refer to Lee having covered his true allegiance which he certainly needed to do. But at the so poorly named Battle of Cold Harbor he seemed to be a different man altogether. (So late in the war. So far north.) What happened? The mind wonders. Was he drugged? That was a Bloody Lane rumor regarding Anderson.

There were commonalities. Anderson had an established record; the thrust of the story was clear. But the extremes of Bloody Lane. The extremes. Was Anderson drugged?

In the end I will not chicken out—not completely. I am asking you to contemplate underground issues. What would we do without that majestic word in the English language—“underground.”

Speaking of an underground issue, I posed a question that begged for something comparable to a terribly deceitful entity. The answer I received was “She’s Got a Way About Her” by Billy Joel. While researching the track I saw Cold Harbor referenced.

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