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It’s easy to reflect on the progress narrative of the project board way back when we had a project going here, and completely misunderstand my current situation. This is especially true because of all the machinations people were willing to perform to avoid the wrath of PAL President Grant who was dead set on changing the loyalty issue with PAL Lee first and foremost.

I was the man on this and no reason whatsoever to break with the inevitable flow myself. Well, I do have my name associated with the Confederacy having won the war otherwise—given the circumstances there is a substantial amount of redundancy there.

The situation is exponentially more one-sided given President Eisenhower’s incredibly wise objective of destroying the brand of the Klu Klux Klan. And then all the news we had to dispense on the Mississippi catastrophe averted.

But in the end is there any will left to punish these people for 785 convictions and counting—having waged war on the States for decades and decades. Both endeavors look the same, but those opposed to the United States Government have paid so much for corruption and appear so beaten as reflected by the project board and their murdered brand I don’t know if there a Cub Scout out there willing to check the last box by punishing them. Perhaps the will of the rank and file of the Ku Klux Klan is that they have paid their dues to skate.

“Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty momma, Key Largo, Montego, off the Florida Keys—there’s a little place called Kokomo.”

Seeing is believing. We hear of fantasy as a defense—perhaps that’s real fantasy.

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