• Stephen Thompson


I was returning to my room. I seldom left it. The door was wide open; it seldom was. And she suddenly walked into my room having climbed the stairs—which she never did.

Small talk is all we have now. “(Paraphrasing) Adam Danneman is the lawyer on that terrible case with a 3-year old. If you haven’t looked at the details, it‘s just horrible.”

Caught red-handed. In homophobia-plagued Alabama, the case went to federal court because of same sex sexual conduct. As a public defender in federal court at the time, percentages were not favorable for them if the process was random that Adam would hbe assigned to the case. It appears obvious that they maneuvered to put Adam in another job so they could possibly confuse someone searching the internet for the history of the case.

780 convictions, no consequences.

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