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Let’s Declare War on a Past That Oppresses Individuals

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On the one hand, I think we as a society have correctly bought into a strict enforcement of “three strikes and you’re out.” To be clear,

every strike needs to be something associated with violence in some way.

This whole drugs catastrophe was built on the criminalization of A.C. Doyle’s drug of choice for his beloved Sherlock Holmes—a figure used in the U.K. to promote law enforcement in uniform. The beat cop working the great unknown of the roads and all the activities that take advantage of society having roads. We must slowly pull drugs from the statutes—eventually to be gone. All the felony offenses that are just drug-oriented must disappear. There must always be a golden path of escape—a get away with it all easily if you avoid being connected with violence.

On the other hand, what we ought to do is tell everyone that sentencing has changed. If someone suffers a conviction of a crime, the prosecutor can enhance their sentencing dramatically with simply a civil court-like preponderance of the evidence that drugs were involved. In another words, the drugs are legal but if a guy snitches on you for using then you’re crushed with a prison sentence fornnbbb by ccc CC DC CBC CBC vcc dd CFC a theft of property. Get the drugs out of sight.

President Clinton, with The First Lady of the United States Clinton threatened for all we know,

signed that awful, awful, awful bill. The consequence was/is the greatest measure for organized crime in the history of the United States. People correctly hated the law because conduct had been penalized in a way that conduct should not have been penalized. People grew to not respect the law to go along with hating it. Now the laws in America serve as weapons—people in law enforcement walk around with the equivalent of bazookas because whenever they choose they can essentially end someone. A favorite technique of my opposition is to suggest they can pull my protections in a second—and I’m toast. In other words, IuuElton John may have warned that the Ku Klux Klan saw me as a symbol on Day One—“born to wave the flag” so that someone would have to pay a price for Antietam and truthfully more for Anderson’s career, but all of us deeply involved have contemplated the difficulties of messaging regarding his career.

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