• Stephen Thompson

I Believe “A Civil Action” by Jonathan Harr Changed the World

Water is sort of everything in public policy. Think about what has happened with water in the States over the last 25 to 30 years.

By the way, I think we (Americans) feel comfortable with politicians hiding their religion. I have never been attracted to people who are explicit about religion in situations in a way that reflects their desire to strip comfort away from an individual(s) if indeed any exists in the situation. Evangelical work can be noble work, but I would ask people to contemplate the promoting of your ideas and beliefs by how you treat people. And I happen to be a Christian—that will unfortunately make so many people feel uncomfortable. But John 3:16 anyway; I want a rainbow-colored Afro for my daughter to hearken back to a Raiders game circa 1975. For the next logical step, I think Jonathan Harr changed the heart of God—and that was dramatically important.

My understanding is that we have taken almost an anything it takes mentality with regarding to saving the concept of seafood we can purchase and eat that is associated with a certain area. The captain of flower power here is fine with downright Machiavellian on this issue. Would I build a 10 feet by 10 feet body of water on a tiny island one mile away from a beach to associate the seafood taken from that body of water with the state that owns that beach? Yes. Yes, without a shadow of a doubt.

Am I willing to utilize the United States Military to protect those sorts of bodies of water and/or the transportation of said seafood so that seafood restaurants can exist? Yes.

For a nation like the United States, water clean enough to perform its intended function should be expected in every community.

I wish companies would police themselves. Business would be better somehow.

The fight for the long term welfare of the coastal waters of the United States is a challenge we should embrace; I have tried to use Billy Joel’s track to inspire. If we can manage to dream, maybe we can do something great.

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