• Stephen Thompson

Heads Up on a Possible Traitors’ Stronghold

I use the term “traitors.” In this day and age, it could be the resource of a hate group known as the neo-Confederacy. With any hate group, look for an underground existence to go with the visible nation. I have been told that the aforementioned hate group has an underground organization that resembles any given nation’s military.

I just put this together. Historically, there are tale(s) of an island(s) near Manhattan where traitors would conduct such affairs as putting men they had captured—perhaps an entirely domestic operation—on a boat and sending them in to become citizens and thus soldiers.

I broach the subject of this island(s) to pose the question why would that not be where these monstrosities are kept? Having drafted that sentence, it gave me a quite uneasy feeling about The Statue of Liberty. Something to keep in my mind when we think about Godzilla. When we think about the “Bathtub” where the Baseball Giants played at the Polo Grounds. When we think about King Kong. When we think about the Football Giants.

Unfortunately, this is not just East Coast. The Baseball Giants moved to Candlestick Park. We have Alcatraz. Are there old clues? Did prisons routinely house machine guns for protection or bazookas? Hand grenades?

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