• Stephen Thompson

Attacking the Performance-Enhancing Drugs Era So Strongly That I Can Help Grandpas and Grandkids

When I listen to the guardians of the game of baseball, I know that hearts have been crushed by the Performance-Enhancing Drugs Era. For me, it was such a thrill when Roger Clemens joined The New York Yankees. His intensity as a competitor, for me, has been a beacon of light in this country--but apparently Roger has hurt people's feelings terribly. Personally, I had struggled to connect with Mark McGwire when he was younger; I felt like it took guts for him to show up in front of the Congress of The United States. But people are just devastated. Looking back at my personal history with sport, I'm so glad that I never really had a real opportunity to help myself by cheating--I hope that I would have never done it. In boxing, the sort of cheating I can do in my future should get you executed on the spot in many situations--so that's not a guy about to get tested. Anyway, I do know this that the game of baseball desperately needs a cure for what the Performance-Enhancing Drugs Era has done--and the truth is that I think I have it. I believe that I can forever protect the prosperity of the game of baseball.

The first step is that we have to address the record books. What I think we need to do is actually create three record books, protecting the old records and isolating all the records associated with the Performance-Enhancing Drugs Era. What I would do is actually have a "team" of experts choose a year to retroactively begin "The Second Record Book in the History of Major League Baseball in America." And then the third record book would begin at the start of the 2022 Major League Baseball season. I'm telling you that the answer for baseball is children. Kids. Major League Baseball needs to go to 324 four-Inning regular season games; a tie can always happen. A post-season series is a race to 8 wins. What happens for the game? Baseball addresses head on the length of games issue that we're having. As a Yankee fan and minority owner of the New York Yankees, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that if you come to watch the Yankees we will do our best to use the starter in every Game 1 of a double-header involving four-inning games for a complete game. I think that could be our vow. On the other hand, I suppose we might give the Game 2 starter the hook for getting the lead-off hitter while people are walking in to buy their first beer. A cottage industry for the owners will be selling the electronic ticket of families who have decided to depart after Game 1 in exchange for every member of their party receiving a free piece of Major League Baseball merchandise.

Your season ticket package is exactly what it used to be except that MLB has doubled the number of home games in your package for zero cost. And I really do believe that a grandfather could come out to a game that started at 6:00 P.M. Eastern with his grandchild, and the flow of the game without the use of the bullpens would be a connecting force for him. A familiarity. Many people know how I am about the Yankees; what I'm telling you is that we could commit to the concept of it being better for our club to simply leave a starter out there. Think about that grandchild getting home early enough to not rush the typical bedtime routine. And then we've sold their seats to good capitalists fighting for the market while the family members got free merchandise.

I suppose people can see that this is a solution that leans heavily hitting. You know we have always had better pitching than people give us credit for in the Bronx. You know what the truth is about my Bronx Bombers? We have played more little league than any organization; other franchises could do that. We have been in more broken plays historically. We've hit for contact; people can match that if they want to. I must be frank when I say that a heavily pro-hitting solution is an answer for the South.

A race to 8 post-season series is an event that a child could end up absorbing so much of that it creates a bonding in the household. By children watching the end of several games, they could end up with so much information about the series. Bed time has hurt those events terribly.

I see no reason why the time between games 1 and 2 of the typical double-header will be longer than what the time gap has been between innings 4 and 5. What I think the constant existence of the tie does is create more strategy to chew on.

Finally, I think that Cooperstown needs a new entity. It would be a completely separate entity. Over the hall that leads to the home of the new entity would read, "The Performing-Enhancing Drugs Era and Other Stigmatized Players Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York." I believe it is also time for "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Pete Rose.

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