• Stephen Thompson

An Overhauled or Replaced NCAA is a Must

Dirty. Rotten. Attackers of youth and innocence. “The Boz“ had it absolutely right.

In “Gangs of New York,” we see the nativism and white supremacy that rushed south to combat Oglethorpe and a debtors’ colony. The Crown had betrayed them. Those people became The South by force; they were the Confederacy.

In “Gangs of New York,” we see the countrymen of the Irish people who arrived in beyond gargantuan Jacksonville, Florida, and moved up to Savannah and Charleston in preparation to make the catastrophe in Mississippi desired by Oglethorpe’s haters a reality.

But those Irish people in the South learned about what happened at The Points in “Gangs of New York,” and they bailed. And so the Ku Klux Klan which has represented the old South and the Confederacy has been undermining Irish people ever since.

One great misrepresentation that mauls the reputation of Irish people begins with the premise that somehow Oklahoma became populated by so many Irish. Thus, the Trail of Tears ended in Oklahoma and the accepted narrative is that countless natives were destroyed by Irish people.

It’s commonly thought that Oklahoma Sooners Football has fought the Ku Klux Klan which makes the Sooners extremely important. The State of Oklahoma has been a lie. They were revealed when their discipline escaped them; Bud Wilkinson lost that unthinkable election.

And the NCAA has supported evil by fighting Oklahoma Football. But I have caught them red-handed, and they have been so very extreme. They will pay.

The timetable is the ultimate clue. The audacity to include Alabama Football to get SportsCenter-level exposure for primarily a soccer scandal involving textbooks. Quietly but with the publicity they thought was necessary, the NCAA has decided to change from forfeiting games to vacating wins. At this point, so much time has already passed since we first begin to hear stories about trouble ahead for Southern California Football with the NCAA.

The SC case would become the never-ending case. I suppose time was used as a cover-up. Remember that the 2005 coaches’ poll title game (for the 2004-2005 season) had been played well before the publicity of the Alabama case. When the dust finally settled, Southern California had their victory vacated instead of forfeited. The cover-up actually provides the evidence in that you just know that the publicity meant that the punishment was decided in a super dirty manner—well before there was an adjudication.

The NCAA choreographed the entire endeavor. The NCAA stole a coaches’ poll national championship trophy from the Oklahoma campus. Take the trophy there immediately, NCAA. “Got Eight?”

I think Michigan Basketball has one coming as well—fruit from a poisonous tree. Does that make sense? You know what I’m arguing. But hey, they surely hated Denny Crum.

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