• Stephen Thompson

A New Concept of Fatherhood

In the States, we have far too much controversy regarding the determination of the legal father of a child. We need a clear-cut choice. We need a scoring system. My tiny office is proud to offer this idea to any people who might listen.

On the calendar day the baby is born or minutes thereafter, the newborn’s particulars are placed at a 24-7 accessible post office near the birthplace. Interested candidates for fatherhood will have a place to pin their basic information. The mother can post her choice. If a man gets that match, it’s a whopping 9 points. A man can also have a biological test to determine the biological father. After 10 days of the offical posting of the birth of this child at said post office, we shall tally points and act accordingly.

I believe those would be the only methods of scoring. So a 9-9 tie would be possible. We would have a co-father.

The really big societal change is that a standard paternity test would be standard—posted at the post office.

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