• Stephen Thompson

A Federal Mandate For 24/7/365 Any Time, Day or Night Possible Internet Access

What I have is more hunger for our natives. I want our natives to send everyone something like a tablet. The federal government will pay for a week of internet access.

And then you’ve got a three day window which ends with service getting cut off. All the people of the home will have a chance to go to one of the federal kiosks—and see how things can be worked out.

Interestingly, as long as internet access is available to the home any adult in the home should be able to use the device to practice the plan. It would offer Proportional offers of the plan. But one cannot sway from The Plan at all.

The entire “program” is used by what pops up on the screen, the use of major credit cards, your simplistic but vigilant following of your instructions and current standing.

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