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Stephen Thompson is the post-7/4/1776 Thomas Paine. Thompson penned the most important non-governmental document for the United States since the Declaration of Independence. Google: "Robert E. Lee, Patriot to the End."


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As the first born son of the first born son of a rare career soldier in a tiny United States Military before the ramp-up to World War II, I have top secret clearance on some information. (That information and other information form the written products found on this website's Blog that this author is shamelessly promoting for when Blogs 2 through the last Blog, relying on art, are published as keepsakes.) 

It was a miracle that grandpa made it to commissioned officer. And the story goes that Hitler tried to murder grandpa in the middle of World War II at St. Vith. Meron James Thompson refused a Congressional Medal of Honor for his conduct at St. Vith because of the personal nature of his mission relative to (his knowing) the people around him at St. Vith would want no part of his mission.

Working for President Grant has been no picnic especially when you're grandpa, and unlike myself your passion is Blog no. 2 in chronological order on this website concerning Adolph Hitler. None of the people who I more associate with in this picture stressed to him how the United States--different from factions or other nations--was really focused completely on the document that predictably has already been published.


"(paraphrasing) there goes Robert E. Lee. . . they shouldn't have ever taken our very best."

Joan Baez from "The Night They Drove Ole' Dixie Down"

Notebook and Pen